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Welcome to Joe's
Where Watchers and Immortals Unite
I can't believe it. Jon... is gone. Kid couldn't even grab his sword.

He was supposed to have forever ahead of him, and some random Immortal just took that all away without even blinking.

And they got Beli Heaney too... Amanda's student, or at least she was.

I... I gotta call Connor. He deserves to hear it from me, than to find out from someone else...

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All things considering, I'm taking this better than I could have. Haven't drank all the scotch in the closet, and that's a first.

Still doesn't mean I'm ready to be a grandfather. Or to go to my daughter's wedding.

Hell, I was just getting used to the girls calling me Daddy.

Current Mood: shocked shocked

Are you watching?
Sorry I've been out of touch the past few days. Philip--thanks for watching the bar, it's appreciated. I'll be back tomorrow.

We brought him home a few days ago. Donna set up the crib in the bedroom until we get the nursery taken care of (which at this rate, he'll be out of high school by the time that happens), and the girls keep trying to play with him. Of course, I don't think they've realized that he's far too little to play Barbies, and Melody even asked him what games he liked to play. They've been good, though, the girls. Keep helping their mom--it's really cute.

Donna keeps saying he looks like me. Has my eyebrows, or something.

Oh, and his name is Robbie. Robert Michael Dawson, if you wanted to get technical.

Anyway, we should get together with everyone at some point, Nathan, Mac, Amanda, Phil, whoever'd like to come. Just let us know, we'll be here.

(Donna's already talking about going back to work... silly girl. I think she's crazy.)

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I should thank Philip for covering the bar for me. I actually got to tuck my girls into bed--a rarity, these days.

And, on another note, Donna and I managed not to argue over names. This shall not be a repeat of the twins, I promise.

Good night kisses and baby namesCollapse )

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So, the Old Man is back in town. He stopped by the bar and even helped me out--Donna's really getting too exhausted to bartend (and she doesn't listen to me when I tell her not to) and I'm grateful he was there for the night at least.

Here's to catching up on old times with Philip.

Now that he's back, my beer supply shall dwindle.Collapse )

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14 Chronicles or Are you watching?
From Joe's journal, July 18, 1999

Oh shit. I don't think I've ever been this nervous.

Today's Donna's 40th birthday. She's already told me not to make a big deal out of it, and I'm trying not to, but the symbolism can't be denied...

I bought the ring last week, I've been hiding it in my sock drawer. And today I've got it in my pocket, and if I didn't know any better I'd say the damn thing was weighing my body down.

I'm playing tonight at the bar, I'll ask her then. If my nerve doesn't fail me.

Current Mood: nervous nervous

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Today was the day: Donna moved in to my place. It's a funny feeling, kind of. Makes it official, if you ignore the fact that I've been unofficially living with her for a couple of months now.

But she had to call in the reinforcements. Granted, I get along with her brother, Darren, he's a nice guy. That Andy... well, Donna once said that, when they met, they acted just the same.

Maybe I should be thankful Donna's grown up a little since her college days.

Darren and Andy showed up to help Donna, while I got them beers.Collapse )

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So... Adam's taking off. I'm surprised he paid part of his tab, to be honest.

Part of me is... glad he stopped by here to say goodbye. But I know he'll be back.

One last beerCollapse )

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So, Adam stopped by. Seems like he never brings me good news lately, and I think we could use some right about now.

Adam and I at the barCollapse )

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No one does this to her.

Repeat: no one.

AftermathCollapse )

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